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OrderMe is the easiest way to sell
your food & drinks online at your venue or outside your venue. Reach new customers and get more orders.

No time to waist, your customers are waiting.

PS. we have a flat fee, no commissions 😉

Saved on third party
commissions for our customers
More orders received
from new customers
Companies use
OrderMe daily

Our Solutions



Set your products, prices,
menu and opening times in
your own OrderMe dashboard.


The Line

Let your guests order directly at
your venue. Your guests scan a QR-code
fill in their name and order & pay directly



Your customers pre-order
your products and you deliver it to their
order spot or let them pick it up

Our Solutions Explained

OrderMe is quick and easy to use and increases revenue

With OrderMe you are ready to sell directly to your customers. Upload your products in your own OrderMe dashboard and start selling in seconds. Just share your OrderMe link or QR-code  on your website, social media or on flyers and posters to reach your customers directly. Your customers order directly from your own OrderMe shop, so no third party high commissions.

More Benefits

Be the boss of your own data and get valuable insights

Data is key in the fast pacing world today. Get valuable insights of the behaviour of your customers and act on it to increase your revenue.

Easy retargeting of your customers
Direct insights in your customer & order data
Learn from your customers & stay on top
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Why customers
love OrderMe

We love to solve the problems of our customers and that's why they love us. Be a part of the OrderMe family and help contribute to our vision of a world without waiting.

About Us

We use OrderMe for our beach club and have seen an increase of 32% in revenue. Our guests can now order themselves from the beach beds and pick up the drinks & food at the bar.

Tess de Rooij
Owner Aloha Beach Club

We use OrderMe for our restaurant and shop. Our members can easily order anything from the shop online and pick it up at the shop at the golf course. With OrderMe our golfers are also able to order drinks & food from the tee by scanning a QR-code redirecting them to our restaurant menu.

Durk De Baan
Manager Golf Course

At Hamilton Burgers we sell our burgers locally with OrderMe. Customers pre-orders burgers directly at our restaurant and we save $3150 on Deliveroo commissions monthly. The best thing is we stay in touch with our customers and are able to get more feedback.

Hamilton Burgers
Chef at Hamilton Burgers

Mangia Pizzeria is located near a large park in Amsterdam. We promote our pizza pick up on our website and hand out OrderMe's QR-flyers in the park. The number of orders increased by 60% on a summer day. Customers love to order pizza in the park.

Antonio Mangia
Owner Mangia Pizza da Antonio

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